OzzyBee Speaks at AYLY 2018



    Presented at the 2nd Edition of the African Youth Leadership Summit/Awards 2018

    Hello Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to express my humility and loyalty to all present here today.

    Ndewo nu ooo!     Mo juba oo!!     Salam alei kum!!!

    By the special grace of God, I am an 11year old Oziomachukwu Favour Mojekwu; OzzyBee, a.k.a OzzyBosco WonderKid, the Best Kid Entertainer in Africa.

    It is indeed a great privilege to be selected as a guest speaker on this edition of African Youth Leadership and Economic Summit. Having presented a paper during the last edition, it’s really a great honor to be called upon to do so once again. It is worthy of note that my NGO (OzzyBosco Smile Foundation) is partnering with Orator Club Africa to bring this awesome event to your door step.

    Today we shall look briefly into one of the issues that have over the years slowed down growth and development in Africa: That is absence of PEACE              in our nation.

    PEACE in summary is said to be FREEDOM FROM FEAR OF VIOLENCE. Often it is associated with absence of wars and conflicts.


    In any nation where there is peace, there

    will be remarkable progress at all levels and the following conditions will be quite noticeable.

      • Poverty will reduce drastically as people would go about their businesses freely without fear.
      • Crime rate will reduce significantly.
      • There will be economic growth and political stability.

    • Movement of people and goods across international borders will increase.
    • Our schools will be in session uninterrupted.

    Religious activities will blossom.

    • Marriages and other social activities will be uninterrupted.

    The opposite will become the case if peace is absent in any nation.  Therefore, we should embark and promote activities that will ensure peace within the African continent.

    • The political class must realize that most of the wars that has denied Africa peace often resulted from political interests, differences and greed. Therefore our politicians and people in governance should act responsibly with the fear of God.
    • Religious and ethnic clashes must stop.
    • The younger generation must be trusted to come into governance as is currently going on all over Europe.
    • Our Youths in Africa must avoid being used by our politicians to cause trouble, learn to be contented with gradual and steady growth.
    • Our religious leaders should stand for the truth and teach their m
      embers the act of love, tolerance and togetherness.

    In all these, I OzzyBee as a young UNESCO Child Advocate, humbly request my respected Mummies, Daddies and all my fellow children to please join me     and say it loud;


    Thank you very much and may God Bless You All.

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    5th May, 2018.


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