History was made on 19th August, 2016 as OzzyBee a.k.a OzzyBosco WonderKid and Crew from OzzyBosco Smile Foundation (OSF) stormed Kaduna State with his humanitarian pet project “STOP CHILD CRUELTY” (SCC), The campaign which is fast attracting the attention of the larger society was born when the Africa’s Best Kid Entertainer came across the news of the gruesome treatment of           a 4 year old Usman Abubakar Sadiq from Zaria on the internet. On that fateful morning, OzzyBee wept bitterly and could not attend school when he saw the pictures of Usman with his eyes plucked out by ritualists and his body soaked in blood. He kept pleading to be taken to Usman to put smiles on his face.  This became the genesis of “Stop Child Cruelty Campaign which took OzzyBee and his Crew to Zaria.

It was indeed one of his happiest days and a mission accomplished for the 9 year old multiple award winner/Igbo Chief as he embarked on this humanitarian trip to the ancient city of Zaria; which was solely sponsored by OzzyBosco Smile Foundation.

The first port of call in Zaria was Professor Ango Abdullahi International School, Tudun Wada, where he finally met this brave boy Usman Sadiq who is undergoing rehabilitation after his gruesome ordeal. The visit was first of its kind by any charity organization being led by a 9 year old artiste.The wonderKid was accorded a rousing reception by all and sundry; the school authority, Usman Sadiq`s parents/siblings and a huge turnout of villagers who trouped out to have a glimpse of this rare kid philanthropist in their community. It was an emotional display of Passion, Love, and Smiles as OzzyBee hugged Usman in apparent expression of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

After his moving speech, this Kid sensation in his humanitarian characteristics extended his love to little Usman in support of his education by giving cash donations to the school as well as to his parents, in addition to assorted educational/promotional materials to them. This gesture was well applauded by the school management, Usman’s family and the media personnel present.

The intimidating profile of a young academic genius, who hit the entertainment arena at a tender age of four when he carted home the prestigious “Best Entertainer Act” Season Seven of Kids Got Talent Competition in 2011, attracted HRH Emir of Zazzau Emirate, Alhaji Dr Shehu Idris CFR who kindly extended a Royal invitation to OzzyBee and Crew to his palatable palace.

OzzyBee accompied by a huge crowd took Usman, his family and school representatives to the Emir’s palace where an unbelievable mammoth crowd were waiting for his arrival. It is difficult to describe the kind of reception given to young OzzyBee by the Emirate. It took the security personnel a while to clear the crowd around the entrance of the palace to enable OzzyBee`s convoy get into the building. At the palace the team were treated to a very warm royal reception by the longest serving Emir of the entire northern caliphate alongside the Ciroma Zazzau and members of his royal cabinet.

In an emotionally delivered speech, OzzyBee expressed immense appreciation to the Emir for his kind invite and also acquainted him with his Pet project; STOP CHILD CRUELTY as well as brief him on his charity mission to Zaria. Hon. Ralph Nwafor spoke on the vision and mission of the foundation. Having patiently listened to the various speeches, HRH Alhaji Dr Shehu Idris CFR, through his palace spokesman poured his royal blessings on the artiste describing him as a child prodigy with big dreams.

As a token of love and respect, the vibrant Kid Artiste OzzyBee a.k.a OzzyBosco WonderKid, having described the Emir as one of Africa’s foremost peace crusader and lover of children, gave an award of                     AFRICAN CHILDREN PEACE AMBASSADOR to His Royal Majesty. The Emir who was visible moved by this gesture assured his August visitors that the Award will occupy a strategic position in his palace as a monumental artifact to commemorate this historic visit. While endorsing the campaign, he promised to support OzzyBosco Smile Foundation in her fight against child cruelty. The Emir commended the efforts of the foundation describing their visit as first of its kind since the incident occurred.

There is a saying that a prophet is not recognized in his domain, however OzzyBee defied this saying when the following day after his visit to Zaria he was  hosted in grand style by the Igbo community in Kaduna.

As a fast rising son of the race, who has continuously kept the mandate of portraying his people in good light, HRH Igwe Sylvanus Aneke, the Ezeigbo of Kaduna State and his entire cabinet decided to honour him with a prestigious Chieftaincy title of NWA CHIMERE EZE. Thus, he became the first kid to be accorded full chieftaincy title in Kaduna State and his third chieftaincy title. Prior to that, he was sumptuously received at the palace of the Igwe, in company of his wife and the entire cabinet.

OzzyBee who was the Guest of Honour accompanied the Ezeigbo to Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna to perform the traditional kick off ceremony of the fifa approved football tournament featuring the Eboyin FC and the ZDM FC.

The “SMILE AGAIN” crooner was mobbed by the sharing crowd at the stadium who were so eager to take photographs with him and collect autographs. In his usual characteristics, the STOP CHILD CRUELTY campaigner in his native dialect expressed deep appreciation to HRH Igwe Sylvanus Aneke, his cabinet chiefs and the Igbo community in Kaduna State for the unprecedented honour bestowed on him. Virtually everyone at the event went home with his audio/video compilations and other promo items.

Complimentary copies of his new trending single “Charlie Dance” featuring Ruggedman and Vector, were also freely distributed.

In all these outings, the message remains; STOP CHILD CRUELTY; OzzyBee say so! The Nigerian Children say so!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!


Watch out, OzzyBee’s next campaign bus stop could be in your neighborhood, so join us today.



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