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OzzyBee a.k.a OzzyBosco WonderKid took Stop Child Cruelty Campaign tour to STELT DAN where the ready kids joined him in the campaign. The children showed enthusiasm and willingness to support the pet project.  Shortly after OzzyBee and his team were well seated, Mummy B the founder of OzzyBosco Smile Foundation (OSF) came on stage to introduce OzzyBee and lighten up the children and their parents with her powerful speech. In her speech she encouraged parents to support their children. By telling them the story of how Ozzybee she established the fact that every parent can have a child like OzzyBee if they work at it. After the breathtaking speech by Mummy B to the crowd, OzzyBee came on stage to deliver an emotional and expressive speech. In his speech he highlighted the need to stop child cruelty and wickedness. He also pointed out the need to keep children safe. The children and their parents were happy when they witnessed his powerful music performance. As he performed Smile Again and his yet to be released rap song Charlie dance featuring Vector and Ruggedman, the beautiful children joined him on stage to do the dance with him. It was a glamorous event indeed as everyone was full of smiles.


After his speech and musical performance OzzyBee gave beautiful caps to the teachers and school admin staff with endorsement materials. He also gave the parents and children materials as they rushed to support his project and endorse it.

Don’t feel left out, let’s support OzzyBee’s Stop Child Cruelty Campaign and help create awareness to keep our children safe. Endorse with your comments, likes and share.

Let the message go round STOP CHILD CRUELTY!!!!!

#Stopchildcruelty #Enoughisenough

#smileagain #Charliedance


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