Revisiting the Touching story of 4 year old Usman Sadiq.

The story of Usman Sadiq that went viral on Ozzybee’s facebook fan page http://tinyurl.com/guclnv8 and on Linda Ikeji’s blog http://tinyurl.com/j2wd9s4 is again revisited by the OzzyBee Smile Foundation.

Here is the Usman’s story revisited:

On this fateful morning, Thursday 25th February 2016, Ozzybee came into his mum’s bedroom to say good morning and stumbled on her phone on one of the Blogs, the picture of the 4 year old Sadiq Usman whose eyes were brutally gouged out by ritualists in Zaria. The pathetic pictures so touched the young artiste that he broke down and wept uncontrollably clinging onto the phone with his eyes glued on the lamentable photos of this innocent child with his body soaked in blood. He was engulfed with so much emotions, pity and rage for the heartless ritualists who committed this heinous crime. The case broke his tender heart so he did not go to school that day and kept pleading with his mum to take him to Zaria to sing, dance and put smiles on the boy’s face.


Since then he has been relentless in sensitizing the general public about his pet project Stop Child Cruelty and so long, made it his pet project so that what happened to Usman Sadiq will never again happen to any kid. In the kid’s own words “if ‘Stop Child Cruelty’ Campaign bring smiles on the faces of suffering children, I will be a very happy boy”.


For the story in full, visit the links above and pray for the brave boy Usman Sadiq!!






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